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There’s no denying that merchant services can be one of the most confusing aspects of any business, but it’s also inevitably the most important aspect. Our solutions provide real, simple answers to the questions you should be asking about payment processing.

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Merchant services is new to me, and I need more info.

I’ve had trouble gaining approval for or maintaining a merchant account.

I use or am seeking a point of sale system to assist with my business.

I need better ways to interact with my customers and keep them coming back.

I don’t think accepting credit/debit cards is right for my business

My customers are other businesses or government divisions.

I need to accept payments while on the go or from a booth.

My customers are generally a set group who reorder in fixed or varying increments.

I don’t know what I’m currently paying for processing.

My business is online or has an online component.

I need to save money on my current processing or limit expenses of my new business.

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